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Until the Helitooling website construction is complete, please visit the helicopter tools page of Helisaddle.com to see our current (and expanding) product line.

  • Helicopter

    Helicopter Tools

    We specialize in the refinement of O.E.M. tooling.

  • Heli-Saddle


    94-durometer polyurethane coated replacement for your transport tug

  • Heli-Ladder


    HELILADDER™ provides a portable, stable, and safe multi-level maintenance ladder

  • Our Customers

    Our Customers

    Customers who have upgraded their Heliporters® and Tug-A-Lugs

Here are some of the tools Helitooling offerTools

  • P/N TTT-135A Trim Tab Tool set for EC135, EC145, BK117, UH72, & BO105 (Alternate for Telemeter TTT-135)
  • P/N TTT-350A Trim Tab Tool set for AS350, AS355, EC130 and EC120
    (Alternate for 703A94-1130-01)
  • P/N TTT-407A Trim Tab Tool set for Bell 407
    (Alternate for T103316-101A & T103317-101A)
    (Alternate for 407-215-002-101, 407-215-001-101)
  • P/N TTT-429A Trim Tab Tool set for Bell 429
  • P/N TTT-119A Trim Tab Tool set for Agusta 119
  • P/N 105-31702W BK117/EC145 T/R centering kit
    (Includes 105-31702W23 A, 105-31702W14 A, 105-31702W4 A, and 105-31702W-CASE)
  • P/N 29726801-UTD RADS UTD camera mount for the Bell 407
    (Alternate for 29726801)
  • P/N 8819974000A Turbomeca engine sling
    (Alternate for 365A91-5400-02 & 8819974000)
  • P/N HELI-SADDLE These are the original polyurethane coated replacement saddles for your Heliporter Tug & Tug-A-Lug helicopter transporter. In production for over 15 years, this is the industry standard for quality and durability
  • P/N HYD-135/145 A unique tool designed to easily and safely drain the hydraulic system of the EC135, EC145, and UH72 Lakota.

For our government customers...
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Blue Moon Designs
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NAICS: 332999

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Oregon and Hawaii National Guard Units


Bell 407 trim tab tool

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